I'm not sexist but...

I’m convinced people who try to derail legitimate complaints by bringing up other legitimate complaints don’t actually do anything to help anyone.

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Teenagers who are trying to be edgy are the worst. They’re almost as bad as full-grown adults who try to be edgy.

Teenagers who are trying to be edgy are the worst. They’re almost as bad as full-grown adults who try to be edgy.

Introducing Heatherly Advice!


I’m Heather and I love helping people.

When I help people I try to take a non-judgemental and accepting stance.

However, I also try not to take bullshit.

I can’t help everyone, but I’ll do my best to pull from my resources to give what I can, when I can.

Welcome to my new blog!

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I’m coming back!

Unfortunately, Openbook and other Facebook searches have been shut down, so I won’t be able to run things the way I used to. Instead, I will try to post hypocritical sexist statements and responses I find online.

Please submit your own finds and help me get this blog back off the ground. 

Meanwhile you can check out my other blogs:

Justanaverageday.tumblr.com - my regular blog

Honestcrafting.tumblr.com - my crafting blog

Goodnewsfeminism.tumblr.com - my news blog


Heatherlyadvice.tumblr.com - a new advice column blog I’m trying to start up.

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One Last Post

So I quit updating this blog because I became severely depressed, which happens, whatever. When I finally came out of my depression I found that editing countless pictures was very very boring and the statuses were starting to get depressing.

Every now and then I consider starting back up with this blog but then I remember that YourOpenBook closed down, it’s hard to find statuses that say “not sexist but” (let’s face it, most sexists don’t apologize for it), and editing the statuses to not show names and faces is super boring.

I briefly considered making a blog just posting sexist statuses but that’s already being done by countless other blogs on Tumblr. This one really isn’t needed anymore.

I’m still around though and just as devoted to feminism as ever. You can find me at my new blog http://goodnewsfeminism.tumblr.com/ which is an assembly of positive feminist-related news stories. (Being a feminist can be a bummer sometimes, you know? I wanted a blog that would hopefully lift some spirits.)

I also have a main blog where I mostly reblog Supernatural and Pokemon pictures http://justanaverageday.tumblr.com/ but you can almost always reach me there.

Finally, you’ll also find me in ##feminist on the Freenode IRC server. I’m open to any other feminist related chatrooms so if you have a suggestion send it my way on my main tumblr :) (But I’m not going to touch the Feminist section of Reddit with a 10 foot pole.)

So thank you for following NotSexistBut, I really appreciated (most of) the comments I received and the reblogs, I tried to read every single one.

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